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Terms & Privacy policy

By visiting Myvacuums.com, you agree to policies described in this privacy notice. Our privacy policy may change from time to time. An update (which will appear above) will post the most recent privacy policy update.


My vacuums respect the privacy of all customers and purchases. We appreciate the trust and confidence customers place on our site when visiting. We hope our privacy policy and safeguards demonstrate our integrity by providing the best customer service practices, online security, and complete purchase privacy. We do not re-sell or release customer information for any reason.

1.)   Personal Information:

The information provided with any purchase from the site is used for order processing, billing, and shipping purposes only. This information may be used for future orders if you registered a customer user account on the site. We do not resell or release your personal information for any purpose.


2.)   Credit Card Companies:

If you place an order on our site, the information is provided to the credit card company to confirm authorization of your purchase.


3.)   Shippers:

If you place an order through the site, the information is provided to shipping companies for the purpose of final delivery. This may include your residential address, business address, a telephone number for delivery contact, and email address for updates.